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Apr 16, 2013

Ed Hamell, Hamell On Trial- “Coulter’s Snatch”

Welcome to Episode #1 of my interview series, The Red Peters Song Snatch ARTIST SPOTLIGHT where each week I’m featuring a short conversation with THE most original recording artists on the planet and play one of their remarkable, uncut and uncensored, funny and fucked up songs. 

Today’s spotlight is on the great Ed Hamell of Hamell On Trial whose attitude, sharp tongue, and courageous, hard hitting political and cultural observations make him truly unique in the world of music and humor, and the perfect and only choice for my inaugural episode. This guy has balls of steel!

Plus, his featured song has the word “snatch” in it and brutally clobbers a well known, outspoken and controversial, social conservative.

So how could I resist?

I spoke with him in July 2006 and his music and message are as relevant today as it was then.

Enjoy music lovers. This song will blow your mind!

(episode running time- 10 minutes and 12 seconds)

(You can learn more about Hamell, view his artwork, read his blog, and hear more of his songs at