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Feb 6, 2014

How do you woo a lady at a bar when it’s just about to close? 

Welcome to Episode #6 of my interview series, The Song Snatch ARTIST SPOTLIGHT where I feature a short conversation with THE most original recording artists on the planet and play one of their remarkable, uncut and uncensored, funny and fucked up songs. 

Today’s spotlight is on Mike O’Connell, the LA based actor, wordsmith, poet and songwriter, whose boastful on-stage personna combined with his love and amusement for rap videos, proved to be the perfect ingredients for a great song and a very entertaining music video that co-stars his friend, actor, Ken Jeong. 

O’Connell’s bombastic and bold delivery speak volumes and his mastery of the English language is both honest and rich with imagery. 

I spoke with Mike in April 2007 and got a sense of his personality, how he approaches his art, and what inspired the great song, “What’s It Gonna Be?”. 

Enjoy music lovers. 

(episode running time- 9 minutes and 17 seconds) 

(You can learn more about Mike O’Connell and listen to more of his songs and watch his videos at and download his songs wherever fine music is sold. Watch the video, “What’s It Gonna Be?” on youtube-