SONG SNATCH #10- "If I Had The Copyright (On The Word Fuck)" by Carla Ulbrich


Can you imagine how rich you’d be if you owned the copyright on the word “fuck”?

Fuck is used worldwide and is one of the most versatile words in the English language.

Shit, you’d make a killing! Hey wait a minute… what about the word shit?

Tune into Song Snatch #10 and hear NJ singer/songwriter, and professional smart aleck, Carla Ulbrich, and her fantastical guitar ditty that you’ll love to sing along with, “If I Had The Copyright”.

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 23 seconds)

(You can hear more of Carla’s tunes at and download her tunes at iTunes, or from a great compilation of truly original comedy music songs, "The Best Of The Red Peters Comedy Music hour, Vol. 1" at iTunes, napster, rhapsody, oglio, and all fine music download sites!)


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