SONG SNATCH #177- "Over And Over" by Probing Digit

Hello Music Lovers- 

It’s always a trip to go on-line and look up an old acquaintance, a girlfriend or boyfriend and see how they are doing and what they’re up to. 

And if you find they’re in a new relationship, sometimes you can’t help but reach out to their new mate and reveal a deep, dark secret about your ex, either out of jealousy, spite or just to be an asshole. 

That’s what the Saratoga Springs, NY rock band, Probing Digit does in Song Snatch #177 in their touching ballad, “Over And Over”. 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 41  seconds) 

(You can hear more Probing Digit songs at, watch the video to “Over And Over” at, and download their songs wherever fine music is sold.)


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