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Dec 29, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

As we look around it’s easy to see the world’s a friggin’ mess. 

Faltering economies, social unrest, bipartisan bickering, gridlock, extreme weather, middle east tensions- so much hate and anger. 

But you know something? 

There’s not a heck of a lot you and I can do about it, except be kind to our neighbor and hope for the best in 2016. 

So as you ponder the New Year, join my friend Mr. Dickie Weed, the great songwriter from Nashville Tennessee, and celebrate by singing along in Song Snatch #219, as he sings, “Have Another Drink On Me”!

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 4 seconds) 


(You can hear more of Dickie’s songs on itunes and at and download them at itunes and