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Jul 9, 2015

Welcome to and Episode #8 of my interview series, The Song Snatch ARTIST SPOTLIGHT where I feature a short conversation with THE most original recording artists on the planet and play one of their remarkable, uncut and uncensored, funny and fucked up songs. 

Today’s spotlight is on Titler, aka Carol, aka Charlie Cockpit, The Singing Airline Pilot, the pseudonyms for one of the most spontaneous and original songwriters I know, Greg Roman, an ex-ad man and currently a film and video director. 

Greg received an honorable mention for his film, “Titler” in 2000 at the Sundance Film Festival, and has performed live as all his characters at one time or another, opening for fellow artists and fans Ben Folds and Amanda Palmer. 

But, believe me, he would have no problem and would thoroughly enjoy singing for an audience of one! 

I originally spoke with Greg in May 2007 and was totally fascinated and amused by his quick wit and how his songs just pour out of him, including a song he adapted after hearing his mother sing it many times growing up, “You Liver Lipped Son Of A Bitch”. 

Enjoy music lovers! 

(episode running time- 10 minutes and 56 seconds) 

(You can watch the short film, “Titler” and his hit song,“Krem Bop- The UFO Song” at the Titler youtube channel at learn more about Charlie Cockpit, The Singing Airline Pilot and listen to his great songs at