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Nov 16, 2015

Hello Music Lovers! 

Subtle movement and a couple dramatic new entries characterize the The Song Snatch Top 10 since our last ranking.

At #1 and still far out in front from it’s closest competitor is “The Closing Song (Get The Fuck Out) by Red Peters and Dumpster Punch. Since it was first posted on New Year’s Eve 2012, it has raced to and dominated the top position of the chart.

At #2 and still holding strong is “Merry Fucking Christmas” by Larry Pierce. I remember encouraging Larry to record this Christmas classic more than 5 years ago. The song hit a nerve and resides in the top 3 since it first aired.

A close #3 and trading places with #2 on occasion is the incomparable, “I’d Like To Fuck The Shit Outta You” by David Allan Coe who has remained near the top of the charts since it’s introduction in 2014.

Followed by a solid and consistent #4 is “The Christmas Gift (Just A Little Christmas Blowjob)”, the heartwarming holiday duet by Red Peters & Margaret Cho.

After being replayed a couple weeks back, Mr. Dickie Weed returns to the Top 10 zooming to #5 with fan favorite, “Aw Fuck You”, while Alabama Big Earl skitters back to #6 with “There’s A Critter Up My Shitter”.

The holiday treasure “Silent Butt Deadly Night” continues it’s aromatic reign in the Top 10 at #7, along with Francine, The Queen Of Obscene’s two megahits, “He’s An Asshole” at #8 and at #9, her raunchy holiday dance fav, “Naughty Or Nice”.

Rounding off the Top 10 at #10, after rising quickly through the ranks, is a surprise sleeper, “I Want Your Pussy” by Stankyman.

Bubbling under the Top 10 are the usual suspects with a couple newcomers.

The Fools, “I Love Your Tits”, Red Peters’ “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!”, “Grab Your Ankles, I Love You” by Brian Weeks, Uncle Carl’s “I’m Too Tired (To Masturbate)”, and Red Peters’ duet with Todd Rundgren , “Blow Me (You Hardy Even Know Me)” hold strong at #11-15 respectively.

Shooting up and out at #16 is Liz Phair’s release, “Hot White Cum” entering the Top 20 and the resurrection of “The Hand Of The Almighty” at #17 by John R. Butler

The original 1984 recording of “Blow Me (You Hardy Even Know Me)” by Red Peters and The Alan Pinchloaf Singers hovers at #18, and rounding out at #19 and #20 are the two holiday regulars “Sno’ Balls” by LA crooner Rudy Casoni and “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit For Christmas!” by Red Peters

I’m sure the holiday season will re-introduce temporarily many more of the holiday favorites into the Top 20. I will post the yearend download results during the 1st week of 2016.

Thanks for listening!

Red Peters